Ravenloft - The curse of the crimson throne

Death walks the streets in Old Korvosa

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After the miraculous graft that permitted Aldryn Corriveau's only daughter, Aliana, to walk again, Doktor schweiss started gaining some notoriety in Korvosa's scientific community.  The constant attention has been a nuisance to him but has also allowed him to receive additional funding for his research.  He has received a letter of invitation from Aldryn's old friend, Grigorio Von Goritsi, a wealthy scholar and generous patron of the scientific community.  Unfortunately Dr. Schweiss has also received a blackmail letter from an unknown source threatening to expose the real nature of his experimets to the world.  In order to deal with this threat permanently, he enlisted the help of the Thieves Guild's leader (NIC).  Accompanied by a flesh golem that reeked of decaying tissues and leaked necrotic fluids in his wake they decided to set an ambush at the drop off point.

Unfortunately, as (NIC) was waiting in ambush, Doktor Schweiss got distracted by a dead rat on the side of the street and attracted the attention of the people around him when he started dissecting it.  His charismatic demeanor and flawless manners earned him a beating and he had to call in his golem for help. As the crowd gathered and was pushed to violence by one of the initial troublemakers, (NIC) came out of hiding to help prevent a small riot.  As he reached the small group, the golem got surrounded by a dozen angry citizens and started smashing people's heads to bits.  During that time, Doktor Schweiss decided to investigate the reason for some of the peasants' sickness and started to chase one with an oversized syringe.  The rioters were quickly disposed of by (Nic) and the golem just as Doktor Schweiss was going to catch the man he was chasing.  At that moment, 4 guards showed up and restrained him.  Two of them tied him down while the two others walked towards the golem and (NIC) to arrest them.   Calling on his instinct, (NIC) started to move around his opponents in a deadly dance of blades.  The guards were quickly defeated and the golem fell apart after one last kill, spewing forth his guts and falling inert in a thick puddle of his own visceras.


The duo quickly disposed of the corpses in an alley and walked backed to Doktor Schweiss' lair.  (NIC) asked one of his lieutenants to gather as many of the corpses as he could and bring them back to the cathedral.  He left the cathedral and went back home to find that an intruder had left a divination card with an invitation written on it.  During that time, Dr. Schweiss had to attend to Aliana.  After the procedure, he went back home and found that (NIC) was waiting for him to receive medical attention.  Schweiss' exhaustion became apparent when he injured himself while stitching (NIC)'s injury.  While putting the good Doktor to bed, (NIC) found a divination card very similar to the one that was left for him addressed to Schweiss next to his oil lamp.


mordos mordos

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